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Newest version released September 19, 2014 is Quorum 1.1.0.

QuorUM error corrector

What is it?

QuorUM (Quality Optimized Reads from the University of Maryland) is an error corrector for Illumina reads. It is distributed and used with MaSuRCA, or it can be used independently.


For any questions or comments, contact Guillaume Marçais or Aleksey Zimin .


The latest release is on github.


Quorum requires Jellyfish to compile and to run. There are two ways to install Quorum and its dependencies.

MaSuRCA. Quorum is distributed and used in MaSuRCA. After installation of MaSuRCA, the quorum executable is available in the bin directory.

Manually. First install Jellyfish. Make sure that jellyfish is in your path and that pkg-config can find the jellyfish headers and library. For example: $ which jellyfish /usr/local/bin/jellyfish $ pkg-config --mod-version jellyfish-2.0 2.1.4 Then you can install Quorum with the usual: ./configure make make install

Some instructions are found on the github page as well.

Usage example

To use, simply give FASTQ files to the quorum script. quorum file1.fastq file2.fastq The corrected reads will be written to 'quorum_corrected.fa' (this can be changed with the -p switch).